Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Minstrel Show

We had a caller tonight named Dave, a straight trucker and veteran, who called to complain that since we never served in combat, we can't talk about what goes on with the nation's military. His argument is shit, of course, especially since gays can't serve in the military. Anyway, when we didn't agree with him, he ended his call by calling us "faggots." Nice of him to show his true colors at the end and blow his credibility at the same time. But it also just reminded me that there will always be an element of the straight listening audience that sees us as a minstrel show. As long as we are light and faggy and keep the laughs coming, they don't mind us. But if we show an opinion or demand equality, we are done for.

That gay people hide their true selves so they can fight in a military for a country that doesn't even give them the right to serve so assholes like that can spew their hatred... what a country. But assholes like that, and their right to speak and exist, are what it's all about.

Happy Memorial Day!