Sunday, June 27, 2010

Peer Dance

I only have two rules: I don’t write about my sex life and I don’t report on the illegal activities of my friends. In the past, I have been criticized (by myself and others) when I wrote here in the form of a blind item, but I am bound by my own rules to do it again. In this case, I did not have sex, or even get close to having sex, or even find out if the sexy guy I was merely talking to at the pre-Pier Dance party was at all remotely interested in more than talk before Matty dragged me off by the hand on a wild goose chase to the Spotted Pig for dinner, where I neither spotted a pig nor ate a meal. No. This will be about the sex lives of others and the illicit drugs they did. You’ve been warned. Let the blindness begin.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

In The He Of The Night

I stepped out onto the street and the air hit me like wet cotton, hot and sticky. The second day of summer and already the air is so thick you can taste it. This is the reason that New Yorkers have for decades abandoned the city during the summer. But like that poor guy in The Seven Year Itch, I have to work, so I am not going anywhere. And neither is the humidity.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Toying With The Stars

Alison Arngrim is in town promoting her new book. You probably know her best, as I do, as Nellie Oleson from Little House on the Prairie. If you were a child of the 70s, as I was, you watched this show. The years have not dimmed my memories of the Walnut Grove gang, nor can I shake the haunting images from the fire at the blind school. In a previous interview, Alison told us that when things were getting too sweet on the show, Michael Landon (in every sense the patriarch) would darken things up to balance it all out. I am pretty sure you can’t burn a beloved character and a newborn baby alive on a kid’s show anymore but as the ludicrous saying goes: “It was a simpler time.”

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Tippling Point

I still wasn’t feeling 100% after last night, but nothing but nothing was going to keep me away from Henry and Dan’s Beer and Nuts Party tonight. As I noted when I attended their Halloween bash last year, Henry lives in a castle. A castle! The living room is in a turret and behind a rendering of Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are, a flat screen TV is secreted. It’s like San Simeon with Henry cast as Marion Davies when knighthood was in flower.

Romaine stayed home from the show tonight to take care of her sick three year old who was projectile vomiting like she was auditioning for a role in The Exorcist. So, I said that ADD Jeff could hang out in the studio, since it is Friday and I knew he would get all nerdy with the guest DJ during the Friday Night Dance Party. And if things got slow, I could always tease him about his sexual habits and his protestations and outrage could easily fill all four hours. But when I encountered him waiting on the subway platform after the show, I considered it fate and invited him to join me at the party.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Big Queasy

I had the whole thing planned out in my head. My LA friend Brian (aka BOC) was in town and just this morning, I had communicated on Facebook with NY-based Brian Babst and it was working out that both of them would be at The Park tonight. This was kismet. I would write about our fabulous evening out on the town. I even had an amazing title: The Life Of Brians. It was all so perfect. Though, as always, my life once again didn’t work out the way I had planned.

BOC and I have known each other for seventeen years, but since I moved to New York in 2001, we have rarely seen each other. The late rise of social networking has made it easy for us to reconnect and talk more which has been great. I have always liked Brian a lot. And over the years we have worked together and played together and experienced life so there was no reason for me not to be excited to see him. We planned a quick bite at Vinyl before heading down to The Park where his friend Rodney was meeting him and my friend Erik was meeting me (and presumably Babst would be waiting).

While at Vinyl enjoying my usual Thai ice tea and Cobb Salad, I bit into something that, in the moment, I thought tasted moldy. In my excitement to catch up with Brian, I ignored the thought and kept going. But ten minutes later, doubled over with cramps in the Elvis bathroom, I realized that my first instinct was correct. But so what?! We haven’t seen each other in years. People are waiting for me. I haven’t updated my blog in two weeks. I need to go. And so down to The Park we went.