Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Not In August Company

Ben Harvey was on the show tonight and I was feeling guilty. I was practically the only person who missed the GUMBO one year anniversary party a few weeks ago. And I really should have gone, if not to support my friend Ben Harvey, whom it is well documented that I love, then at the very least to have something to write about in my sorrowful, long neglected blog. So ironic that as I struggle to finish my book on the collapse of my nightlife that my nightlife should fall to such disrepair that I have nothing to show for it after a month. But more on that later.

Ben was happy to see me and made positive mention of my blog, most notably how optimized it is for search engines. Apparently, if you type his name into Google, my blog is the third thing that comes up. How nice to have someone say how happy they are to see their name so associated after the previous complaints I have received: for instance, the guy who told me that if you type his name and ass-eating into Google, my blog is the first thing that comes up. First of all, I don’t know what sick universe in which such a search would even take place. And second, if it did, your beef should be with the person making the queer query and not with the person whose blog is at the end of the string.