Friday, October 2, 2009

About Derek's New Book

Okay. Finally after all of these years, I wrote a book. It is called Colonnade: A Life In Columns and it is coming out on my birthday: October 28th! If you want to order a signed copy, you can click here.

Want to know what the book is about? It's about 380 pages and it has a lot of very unfortunate sexual adventures on my part (with mostly comic results), drunken stories out on the town with my friends in 2001 and 2002 and the best part... I come off as self-centered, desperate and sad (no big surprise). But most of it is really funny. Here is the back cover blurb:

Colonnade: A Life In Columns is a wild journey through gay Manhattan at the beginning of the 21st Century. Columnist Derek Hartley recounts his first two years in the city and his attempts to turn himself into a local celebrity with a little help from his friends. Along the way he experiences love and heartache, tragedy as a first-hand witness to the events of 9/11, personal and professional failures and his eventual rise as a radio talk show host in this unflinching look at a life lived in the big city.

Through it all, his weekly columns include tons of insight into the world of online dating, sex and romance. They are combined here for the first time with the unvarnished truth of the story behind the story, giving a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a writer. Colonnade: A Life In Columns also includes some of Hartley’s most popular columns including:

*Ten Essentials In Your Search For Love

*The Seven Deadly Gay Sins

*The Seven Heavenly Gay Virtues

Plus, Hartley explains how to survive a gay cruise, inconsiderate orgasm guy, the dynamics of a successful three-way and tips for winning the games men play. With nearly 100 original columns included along with sordid tales of sex and celebrities, Colonnade: A Life In Columns has a little something for everyone looking for adventure in the big apple.

(If I tagged you in this note on Facebook, it is because you are in the book.)


davidslaga said...

I couldn't find any other way to get you this information.
I called Friday night about helping to get BPJ's book review on
I have another facebook friend who used to be involved with them and t David Slaga September 25 at 7:56am
Ben, I sent this to the website contact but it kicked back:

Yes of course. All he simply needs to do is shoot an e-mail to and they have a whole team dedicated to this.

I have not been involved with Edge much in the past year and now more there in title only.

Please feel free to drop my name however!

My best,


If you want to drop davids full name you can contact me via email or facebook.
David Slaga

Anonymous said...

You realize your book title reads like Colon Aid. Or perhaps that was intentional?

Derek Hartley said...

Maybe I did, or maybe I didn't! Order the book and find out for yourself!

George said...

Hey Derek:

Ordered your book, but it still hasn't arrived. What is the normal shippig time? PayPal has paid, and I am anxious to read about my favorite radio guy's exploits.