Friday, January 15, 2010

Puff Piece: Ben and Dave

So, I had this idea last night while I was not drunk out at GUMBO. I was talking to party host Ben Harvey and his radio husband Dave Rubin about how much I loved the photo of them passed out on a bed surrounded by food. Then, completely in character, I offered up a narcissistic idea disguised as an altruistic one.

"I want to do a book of my favorite photos of my favorite people. Not photos I took. Just photos I like. And I will call it 'Puff Piece.'"
Please note: My favorite. My favorite. I like. I will call it. I. I. I. But with some you in it.

I am not sold on the title, but I am sold on the idea because I really know how to put the "I" in idea. But a book seems ambitious and "I" am lazy. Plus there are all sorts of rights and clearances issues. It just makes me want to put my head down. So instead, I will just repost them on my blog and tell you why I love the photo and the people in it.

Ben and Dave are two of the sweetest people I know, and this is a genuinely sweet photo. It reminds me of the current "Sweet Million" ad campaign for the lottery here in NY, with the little baby animals sleeping in adorable settings. As you can see, I don't mind an ad campaigns with tiny animals that miraculously allow you to say "awww" while simultaneously throwing up in the back of your mouth. I also don't mind a staged photo. In fact, I prefer it. Unless it is news, the only thing a true action shot can capture about a person is a bad angle and a double chin. This photo has good composition, a clever story (love the mini bottle of Pepto!), and two hot shirtless men that I love. And what is sweeter than that?

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that is a cute pic